Start drinking wine with Italian food

A lot of people from the Middle East never tasted wine (شراب). This comes from their cultural and religious background. However most of the people from Middle East that live in Europe usually change their habits, so is very common to meet Persian people drinking wine with their meals.
Here we want to give you a suggestion on what wine to choose for a first time drinker.

White Wine Glass

White Wine Glass

First of all you should know that white wine should be served with fish or sea food and red wine is served with meat dishes. You can brake this rule later, but start this way at the beginning.

The easy drinking white wine that we suggest is the Falanghina. This is a white wine from the region of Campania, very easy to find and not very expensive.

Falanghina wine

Images from Wikipedia – Falanghina wine

Speaking about red wine the good choice for beginners is Lambrusco, that is a sweet sparkling wine from the north of Italy. This is for sure a good choice to start to drink wine, the women will just love it ! The experts will tell you that Lambrusco is too sweet and they will never drink it, but this is a suggestion to a beginner 😉 Lambrusco is good to start !


Image from Wikipedia – Bottle of Lambrusco

Well, we hope you will enjoy drinking wine with your meals, please tell us if you tried Falanghina and Lambrusco, we are waiting for your comments 🙂

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