Pizza and figs

It might sound crazy but a typical food in the city of Rome is pizza and figs: “Pizza e fichi”. Don’t ask for pizza and figs away from Rome, because it is something very typical just in this city.

This meal, prepared especially in the summer, has its roots in the popular poor cousine, because it is something you can prepare with very little money. I would suggest to prepare and bring it to the beach, because it is good sweet and fresh, and you can have your lunch with it.

To eat “pizza e fichi” just buy some white pizza, and cut it to separate the bottom and the top to fill the inner part. Get the necessary figs and smash them in the pizza to have something similar to a film of marmalade. If you want, you can add also some slice of prosciutto that bind to this flavour extremely well. In one minute you should have in your hands something similar to the picture below:

Pizza and Figs

Pizza and Figs – Pizza e Fichi

How to make Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a dry-cured ham. It is pork and it is not cooked, but it is not raw flash. It is very hard to explain what is prosciutto to people from middle east, because in these countries pork meet is not very common.

When we eat prosciutto we usually find it in fine slices like in the picture show here, and these slices can be cutted by hand or with a machine. But how is the process from the raw meat of the pig to these slices ?

Prosciutto di Parma

Image from Wikipedia - Prosciutto di Parma

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